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6 Trucking Companies Hiring and How to Pick the Right One

Updated: May 20

6 Trucking Companies Hiring and How to Pick the Right One

The trucking industry is currently facing an ongoing shortage of drivers in the United States, not to mention there are many drivers who are aging out of their careers and retiring, resulting in plenty of job openings for those seeking CDL career paths.

But this also means plenty of job openings for those interested in CDL career paths. With so many options available, it's important to compare driver benefits and company culture to find the right fit for you.

Remember, not all employers are created equal, and it's important to seek out the best trucking employers rather than settling for the first offer you receive. By prioritizing driver benefits and company culture, you can find a career supporting you financially and providing a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Keep reading to learn more about CDL career paths and how to choose the right trucking company for you.

GP Transco

GP Transco offers competitive driver benefits and a one-of-a-kind company culture in trucking. GP Transco is an excellent choice for trucking job opportunities as the company pays well, offers outstanding benefits and has desirable perks. Let’s walk through the details so you can better understand how a career with GP Transco is the perfect next step for those seeking CDL career paths.

For starters, GP Transco was recently recognized by Smart-Trucking as one of the best trucking companies to work for. GP Transco getting well-deserved recognition for being one of the best trucking employers is not new—this is the company’s third consecutive year of being awarded this honor.

A career at GP Transco is fruitful for plenty of reasons. Drivers who work with GP Transco are treated like the professionals they are, making this one of the best trucking employers out there.

You’ll earn a comfortable salary, with a base pay of 57 CPM. With accessorial pay, you’ll earn 62-64 CPM, which equates to about $70,000-85,000 in your first year driving with the company. (Want an exact estimate? Check out the Solo Driver Pay Calculator for a more personalized pay prediction.)

Another perk of driving for GP Transco is that drivers can access full W2 benefits, including life, health, vision and dental. You’ll also get a 401k with a 4% company match. Drivers can enjoy six-month raises, and all miles are paid address to address, which makes GP Transco stand out.

Your quality of life will also improve when you drive with GP Transco. Instead of dealing with a frustrating third-party app, you’ll have the opportunity to work with GP Transco’s Driver Mobile App.

You’ll use the app GP Transco, which was thoughtfully created to help you get dispatched, receive load information and scan documents more easily than ever. You’ll even be able to view a complete company phone directory directly in the app, view weekly mileage and earnings and stay updated with handy push notifications.

Last but not least, GP Transco uses state-of-the-art trucks that make driving easier than ever. You’ll enjoy a fully digital cockpit that offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration and a large dorm-style refrigerator in your vehicle.

Plus, each vehicle features disk brakes all around and balanced truck aerodynamics. Thanks to the Freightliner Electrical Power Unit, you can even control the vehicle's climate and use electronics without idling.

Crete Carrier

Another popular option for drivers looking for a new role is Crete Carrier. If you drive for Crete, you will be paid practical miles instead of short route miles, which can appeal to drivers. The company recently raised its governed truck speed to 68 MPH and 65 MPH on the pedal, making it easier to get those partial miles than ever before.

Crete Carrier also offers health insurance, 401K and company matching and a profit-sharing plan that drivers can participate in. Additionally, drivers will enjoy a discount program to help get price cuts on various products, from cell phones to restaurant meals. Plus, once you exceed a million miles driven, you get a decal added to your truck, a badge of honor.

Finally, there’s a reward for driving safely. If you can do so for 12 months of employment, 100,000 miles per year and no preventable accidents occurring in the last 12 months, you can get a pin, patch certificate, ring, dangle, or more.

Nussbaum Transportation

Driving with Nussbaum is also popular because drivers enjoy the perks offered. This includes the opportunity to work with the latest equipment, training that provides the skills you need to do well and enviable benefits.

Some of the perks of working with Nussbaum include your compensation, benefits and a guaranteed weekly minimum. You also enjoy weekly home time if you are in a primary hiring area and the company culture is rooted around faith and family. If this appeals to you, you may consider driving with Nussbaum.

The company prides itself on its transparency. Because of this, they don’t like to surprise drivers during the recruiting process, so you will be told upfront what to expect. Additionally, there are scheduled driver reviews, which allow you to reflect on your progress and an open-door policy.

Prime, Inc.

Next up is Prime. One thing that sets Prime apart as an option for those pursuing CDL career paths is that there are four truck-driving divisions you can choose from.

Additionally, you will start your career on a great note as you can attend a comprehensive orientation. Furthermore, with Umbrella's logistic support, you can receive help from Prime 24/7, whenever you need it.

If you work with Prime, you will also enjoy insurance plans, which include medical, dental and life insurance. Prime does have benefits specialists that can help you pick the right option for you, which can also be helpful.

Plus, if you are worried about being alone on the road, you have the ability to bring your pet with you if you pay a refundable pet deposit. Lastly, you will get 24 hours off for seven days on the road. This will help you stay refreshed and excited to keep driving.

Halvor Lines

You can also decide to drive for Halvor Lines. The first reason that some drivers decide to work with Halvor is because they enjoy the late-model trucks that the company owns, as these are equipped with amenities that make driving more comfortable.

Furthermore, with Halvor, drivers have the ability to enjoy a benefits package. If you make it to veteran or million-mile status, you will also enjoy a recognition program to help celebrate your success and demonstrate the company’s gratitude for your work.

There is also the opportunity for seasoned drivers to become driver trainers, so there’s some mobility in your career. Therefore, if you want to use driving as a stepping stone towards your next career milestone, you can do so easily with Halvor.

Bison Transport

Last but not least is Bison Transport, which is a CDL company that is hiring drivers. If you decide you want to drive with Bison Transit, you will enjoy working with a team that prioritizes driver safety, as well as working with modern equipment that has excellent amenities.

You might be wondering how Bison Transit prioritizes safety, and this is because there is a safe driving reward program, which makes it easy for drivers to see the benefits of protecting themselves and their vehicles. If you are a top-level driver who is excellent in regards to safety, you can earn up to 15% more than your colleagues, thanks to this program.

You also get 24/7 live support when you work with Bison, meaning you’re never left alone if you have questions or concerns.

Pick the Right Trucking Company to Continue Your Career With

There are many options for those pursuing CDL career paths—but there’s ultimately the right trucking company to continue your career with. By deciding what’s important to you, you can determine which of the best trucking employers is the perfect match for your lifestyle and future.

Apply now for a career at GP Transco and see how working for the leading trucking employer changes your life and supercharges your career.

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