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Freight brokerage services are used when a shipper wants to find a carrier qualified to handle its cargo. Brokers have relationships with carriers, allowing them to match shippers with the capacity they need at the moment. The process begins with the broker collecting as much information about the load as possible, then passing it along to a trucking company or other third-party logistics provider. Once a carrier is found, the broker continues to handle many of the most important details for the shipment, including scheduling the loading. Through the use of a transportation management system software platform, the broker and carrier keep the shipper updated as to the status of the freight while on the road. Finally, the shipment is unloaded and the broker sends an invoice to the shipper.


Freight brokerage solutions help shippers streamline their logistics by taking much of the burden off their shoulders. First and foremost, working with a broker means they don’t have to go through the often-arduous process of finding and vetting carriers on their own. The expertise and experience brokers bring means shippers can feel confident that the carrier selected will be capable, dependable, and fully accountable. A brokerage also leverages its relationships to secure the most favorable rates from carriers. When they know their freight will be in good hands, shippers can take their minds off their transportation needs and focus on their core competencies instead. Choosing to work with a freight brokerage service simplifies the entire process and ensures the best overall results for a shipper no matter what the cargo is.

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The GP Transco freight brokerage services division puts service and communication first in all that we do. We strive to bring the best freight brokerage solutions to our customers’ transportation needs with a unique ability to offer more with the backing of our own, Chicagoland’s top-10, over-the-road truckload fleet, as well as strong relationships with a diverse set of carriers.



Our logistics division evolved out of a top-ranked carrier with carriers in mind. We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to ensure our carriers are set up for success. We deliver quality service and trustworthy communication, building a partnership to last the long haul.

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Logistics Services

Whether it’s dry van, reefer, flatbed, lift-gate, or any other service that you’re looking for, we have the freight brokerage services to fit your specific needs.

Our asset-based company and operations provide capacity solutions to assist your supply chain.

Warehousing & Distribution

Flexible warehousing and distribution services that meet your business needs are available at GP Transco Logistics.

Expedited Services

We understand the meaning of urgency - therefore we offer same day and next day deliveries.

Optimized & Dedicated

We optimize our operations to best fit your operations; no cookie-cutter approach to our work.



When we started GP Transco over 16 years ago, we set out to create a trucking and logistics company that is truly modern. 

With our priorities being the satisfaction of our clients and employees, a modern approach to the industry, and environmental consciousness, we agreed that as long as we are in business we must adhere to three things: 

  1. Providing our clients with excellent service while offering a modern work environment to our employees with competitive pay and outstanding benefits​.

  2. Not settling for outdated or “standard” industry practices – having the courage to disrupt the industry with drastically improved methods of operation, management, and environmental care.

  3. Hiring outstanding talent in order to make sure our employees are working in the best company possible.

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