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Learn about all the ways that we at GP Transco are intentional with our operations, staff, drivers, and more.

What does it mean to be selective?

What does it mean to be selective?

What does it mean to be selective? Could it mean not settling for outdated industry practices? Or hiring only the absolute best and most experienced office staff? It could mean receiving nearly 30,000 driver applications in a single year and choosing to hire only the absolute best – less than 2% of all applicants. Or developing our own in-house technology to support a modern, safe, and highly efficient fleet. Could it mean driving over 50,000,000 miles each year with state-of-the-art equipment? Though being selective can mean many things, you can be sure that when it comes to our operations, we are selective in every way.

Selective about: office staff

Our diverse office staff consists of some of the most experienced and passionate professionals in the industry – individuals who are excited to help us lead by example and do everything in our power to create a trucking company that is truly modern. From our operations staff to our brokerage professionals, you can be sure that our staff is here to help.

Selective about: technology

Here at GP Transco, we continuously evaluate the tools that are in our disposal – these tools allow us to run our fleet efficiently and productively. It is important for us to invest in the most future-proof, advanced technologies, when it comes to both hardware and software, and develop our own when needed. OpenRoad TMS – our in-house developed transportation management system is a testament to our commitment of improving our operations through continuous innovation.

Selective about: partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with companies such as Samsara, Love’s, the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ), Smart-Trucking, and Freightliner (just to name a few) create a seamless operation where each part has a unique, highly important purpose for our customers, drivers, and office staff. We think long and hard when determining which organizations and vendors to work with and understand the importance of not settling for outdated trucking industry practices.

Selective about: the environment

Operating over 500 trucks and over 700 trailers can have an impact on the environment, therefore it is crucial for a trucking company to be highly selective when it comes to the tools and policies which allow for greener, more environmentally responsible operations. We carefully evaluate and manage the way in which we track and minimize fuel consumption, rewarding our drivers for efficient driving, and investing in advanced lubricants and truck aerodynamics. This allows us to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint each year.

Selective about: drivers

Each year we receive about 30,000 driver applications and choose to hire only the very best – only about 2% of all applicants. We consider the drivers’ safety history, experience, attitude, professionalism, and more; the rigorous applicant interview process allows us to have a fleet that truly stands out in terms of safety, performance, efficiency, and overall professionalism.

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