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What are our team members saying

GP Transco Team Highlights

Joshua Allen

“My favorite part of working at GP Transco is coming in the morning to my second family. This is what I call my drivers. I feel like sometimes I spend more time with them than my actual family, but I appreciate all of them.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Amber Mannella

“I think that being a woman in a male dominated industry presents its own challenges and sometimes benefits.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Darius Diemintas

“I really like the dynamic aspect of logistics and part of what my job is trying to find the balance for both GP as well as the customers we service.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Sergey Bort

“There's a reason why we have an open-door policy here in the company, it’s because we really do want ideas from people because people are definitely the most important asset of a company.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Robert Krause

“The main thing that stands out to our new drivers is the way that we treat them, the way that we respect them.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Yuliia Sokruta

“The office atmosphere here at GP is very friendly, you always feel welcomed.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Hugh Aguinaga

“Friendly atmosphere, all your colleagues are super smart, willing to share information and knowledge, it's just easy coming in to work every day.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Adam Kanoski

"When you walk in the door here you realize how much you're appreciated and how great of a company it is to be with.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Ivy Posada

“We are intentional about how we treat each other with respect and courtesy and above all working together as a team.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Caila Figueroa

“You do your work at your own pace there's no one really hovering over you, it's up to you to get your job done and you have a lot of freedom here.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Justin Bakker

“What we do different here at GP Transco is we truly take the driver's concerns to heart and try to truly solve the problem for them.”

GP Transco team highlights.

Victoria Wertzberger

“What I like personally about GP Transco is it still has that smaller company feel, you get to know everyone, it's a really great environment.”

GP Transco team highlights.
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