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For nearly 15 years, we have been working with organizations of various sizes and industries, providing fleet solutions catered to the client’s specific needs, backed by a highly experienced team and a proprietary trucking management system (TMS)


With an outstanding safety record, 99% on-time delivery, highly experienced drivers, drop trailer capability, and a dedicated office, truckload delivery of goods is truly catered to our customer’s unique operations  


Our in-house developed TMS software allows for highly precise delivery times and unprecedented route optimization, all leading to the reliable delivery of goods once only possible by a private fleet


We know how important reliability and on-time delivery is to our clients, which is why we are highly selective when it comes to our drivers, office staff, equipment, and procedures


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One of the things that make GP Transco stand out among thousands of carriers is our in-house developer, proprietary Transportation Management System (TMS). GP Transco customers enjoy automation and transparency once thought to be possible only through owning a private fleet. 

Automated load notifications and updates, historical load date, live route optimization, and active load maps are a few of the features which reduce the amount of work customers need to do on their end, while dramatically increasing on-time delivery and overall reliability. You can expect over:

99% On-Time





A GP Transco Production

Automatic Load Status Updates

Our customers receive automatic messages that share the status of a given load – this is automatically generated with built-in geo fencing technologies, giving you peace of mind without having to make calls or contact the truck drivers pulling your freight.

Automatic Load Status Updates
Load Data

We collect and analyze the historical data of every customer – this helps us determine what has caused delays or issues in the past, helps avoid issues on future loads, and make sure that each load is booked and delivered more efficiently than the last.

Historical Load Data
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Truck Safety Features

Our trucks are equipped with collision mitigation systems that notify the driver if the truck is moving outside of the lane or approaching the vehicle ahead too quickly.

Truck Safety Features
GPS Tracking on Trucks and Trailers

Each GP Transco truck and trailer is equipped with a GPS tracking unit, giving our office staff and our customers an exact location on each load.

GPS Tracking - Trucks & Trailers

The advanced AI in our in-house transportation management system makes sure that each load is delivered via the most efficient route possible, avoiding delays, dramatically increasing on-time delivery, and providing unparalleled reliability for the customer.

Route Optimization
Typing on a Computer
One-Point Contact for Customers

Each GP Transco customer receives one-on-one service from their account manager, who is a highly capable one-point-contact person, responsible for addressing all customer needs at any time, regardless of the level of complexity or urgency.

One-Point of Contact for Customer
Driver Activity Reports

Each driver has his or her own strengths and unique abilities, which can fit into the unique needs of the customer – we plan the delivery of your freight according to the drivers who fit your specific needs best.

Driver Activity Reports
Fleet Safety AI

The dash cameras installed on each GP Transco truck are equipped with artificial intelligence capability, which prevents accidents from occurring through machine learning technologies.

Fleet Safety AI
Active Loads Map

Each customer has access to a birds-eye view look at a map showing each of their current loads in transit with GP Transco, as well as the status, ETA, and more. This saves you time and gives you a peace of mind, without the need to make dozens of tracking calls.

Customer Active Loads Map
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Outstanding Drivers

We are one of the most selective carriers when it comes to driver recruitment and are currently the 3rd highest-paying trucking company. As a result, you can be sure that some of the best and most motivated truck drivers in the industry are handling your freight each day.

Outstanding Drivers
Maintenance Management

Our in-house transportation management system remotely checks the condition of each of our trucks and trailers on an hourly basis, notifying our maintenance staff of upcoming repairs, and sending the trucks that need attention to the headquarters. This dramatically reduces the number breakdowns and delays during the delivery of your freight.

Maintenance Management
Sitting Truck Alerts

This feature alerts the entire GP Transco Operations Team when a truck has been sitting empty for longer than 2 hours, which puts emphasis on getting it moving and making it available for our customers.

Sitting Truck Alerts