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Manufacturers, distributors and other companies rely on dependable dry van shipping to get goods across the country — but supply chain demands and driver shortages create shipping delays, product shortages and displeased customers. Streamline your supply chain capabilities with GP Transco. Providing logistical solutions since 2006, we are a dry van trucking company that provides an extensive carrier network, a private fleet of experienced drivers and flexible in-house brokerage services.

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GP Transco Dry Van Freight Shipping

Dry shipments vary based on the products, shipping requirements and destinations. Shipping nonperishable beverages necessitates different shipping requirements than delicate electronics or heavy machinery. GP Transco's versatile dry freight trucking provides personalized shipping services based on your shipping standards.

Vast Carrier Network

We have a trusted nationwide carrier network that has a 99% on-time delivery record, ensuring your shipments reach their destinations. With over 500+ trucks and 750+ trailers comprising our fleet, our drivers are capable of accommodating varying shipping deadlines across the continental United States and Canada.

Scalable Logistic Strategies

Do you need a driver to take on a one-time shipment of specialized freight that has to go out immediately? Perhaps you're expanding your manufacturing operations into other regional locations and require a carrier to provide ongoing dry freight shipping? GP Transco accommodates various shipping schedules. Whether you need our drivers for a day or for several months, our courteous staff will work with your operations to decide on the schedule that works best for your company.

Smart Route Planning and Shipping Transparency

Safely getting shipments to their destinations is vital for your operations. Here at GP Transco, we have state-of-the-art technologies to provide shipment location transparency and time-saving route planning. Some of our technologies include:

  • Automatic load status updates

  • Fleet safety AI

  • GPS tracking on trucks and trailers

  • Smart route optimization

  • Weather alerts

  • Advanced load planning

With these innovations, we are able to know exactly where your shipment is going in real time. We provide instant updates regarding any delays due to weather, road construction, traffic, accidents or other unforeseen situations. Our optimal route planning capabilities allows you to select the best road to get your shipment quickly across the city or country.

Dry Van Logistics From GP Transco

Dry van freight shipping is available for a wide range of industries. Nonperishable food and beverage companies, electronics suppliers, consumer goods retailers, product manufacturers, heavy machinery companies, medical device companies and many others can take advantage of dry van logistics when they do not require refrigerated or chilled trucking solutions.

GP Transco's high standards, technological investments and single point of contact make our company the leading dry van transportation expert. Learn more about our logistical capabilities or request a quote by contacting GP Transco today.



We deliver outstanding freight shipping services to our clients through supply chain expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and a trusted, nation-wide carrier network.