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GP Transco's Driver Advisory Board

GP Transco Driver Advisory Board

We meet with our driver advisory board on a quarterly basis to learn where we can improve as a company.

Learning From Our Drivers

The GP Transco driver advisory board is a place for us to learn from those who make it possible for us to provide outstanding service to our customers - our drivers. The board consists of some of our most professional, knowledgable, and enthusiastic drivers with whom we go over our challenges, policies, changes, future improvements, and more, on a quarterly basis. Each day-long board meeting provides us with highly valuable information which helps us make our drivers' work safer, more efficient, and more pleasant. Learn about the latest advisory board meeting below. Our driver board members then help disseminate the information discussed to the rest of our fleet.

GP Transco truck driver working over the road.

Board meeting: June, 2023

Topics discussed:

  • Company history – how we got to where we are today

  • Presentation on the current state of the industry and economy

  • CoPilot VS. Garmin

  • Smart Truck 2 Application

  • Re-routing & driver device use

  • Ratings for destinations and customer locations by drivers

  • Lack of signage at shipper/receiver locations and how to handle it

  • Whether dispatchers are providing the relevant route/appointment information

  • Creation of profiles for pickup/delivery locations, overnight parking, entrances, etc.

  • Ram mounts vs. adhesive

  • Discussion of GP Transco driver turnover – causes, solutions, etc.

  • Trailer selections in Samsara for DVIR

  • Breakdown pay discussion, FMCSA compliance discussion

  • Discussing setting clear expectations during driver recruiting/onboarding process

  • Orientation improvement discussion – hotel, transportation, truck assignment, relevant information for new drivers, etc.

  • Discussed the possibility of per diem pay – implementation in progress

  • Discussed fueling and parking changes

  • Conversation about calls from brokers

  • Discussed a re-vamped fuel efficiency bonus program – implementation in progress

  • Hometime discussion

  • YouTube sponsorship/marketing conversation

  • Discussed better driver mattresses

  • Tire socks vs tire chains

  • Do drivers prefer to communicate via video calls or phone calls?

  • Discussion about better communication with all drivers fleet-wide - new program (Voice GP Transco) implementation in progress

Board meeting: November, 2022

Topics discussed:

  • Garmin integration with OpenRoad TMS - more information and details to come.

  • The ability for drivers to rate a destination and customer locations - IT Department is currently working on that.

  • Relevant Route Appointment Information - Drivers still having issues with more relevant information around the shipment.

  • Ram mounts - We’re currently talking to Daimler about factory options as well as installation options here at HQ.

  • Driver turnover - actions taken since last meeting, and how we plan on further improving on turnover.

  • Update on the orientation presentation process in orientation - We’re currently working on this.

  • Fuel efficiency bonus - updates on how we restructured.

  • Fuel shift to Love’s and how the transition has been for the drivers and adding RFID cards to the trucks aiding in the fueling process.

  • Home-time discussion - discussion about the state of the current market overall (including current trucking recession) and how it pertains to driver home-time.

  • Weekly miles and the current state of the industry as a whole and how to best communicate with the drivers on this issue.

  • Inward facing driver cameras and the pros and cons of them and why some drivers chose to opt-in or opt-out (cameras are currently optional)

  • Implementing of new software in the future which will rank driver activity, in terms of incident reporting and monitoring.

  • How does Samsara monitor and detect harsh events and highlighting positive incidents with drivers and not just the negative ones.

  • Possibility of a video creation with visual aids explaining the camera technology, what we're trying to accomplish with the cameras, and what's the company's liability.

  • Taking the OpenRoad TMS mobile app development in-house completely.

  • DVIRs moving to the OpenRoad TMS app in the future.

  • Issues with uploading documents in the OpenRoad TMS app and improving communication and notifications when there is an issue.

  • Exploring UI/UX landscape options in OpenRoad TMS.

  • Updates in the OpenRoad TMS app such as recommended fuel stops, displaying of driver awards, etc.

  • Issues with reporting mileage in OpenRoad TMS and communication with Fleet Managers.

  • DVIR submission issues that drivers are facing daily.

  • Issues drivers are facing with Samsara and when drivers should be submitting reports.

  • Post-trip DVIR picture submission – capturing pictures safely.

  • Communication with Fleet Managers when an issue needs to be escalated at customer locations.

  • Issues regarding driver treatment from different customer yards and communication of load details before driver assignment.

  • Instituting a customer database that the drivers can access to learn details in advance about customer locations.

  • Progress from testing of moving miles to another week if driver happens to be short – program to launch soon.

  • Visibility of accessorials – how would drivers prefer digesting their accessorials.

  • Reconfiguring the OTP scorecard to make it a more objective process and easier for drivers to decipher, much like a grading scale in school scoring A-F with the ability to earn extra credit - incentives for top preforming drivers.

  • Importance of being selective and hiring top talent drivers and office staff.

  • Regular management communication summits with drivers via a podcast, video live stream, etc.

  • Driver/rider amenities and parking at various locations overnight while OTR.

  • Talk of GP Transco refunding drivers for paid overnight parking, and the ability to essentially reserve a parking space in advance, alleviating stress over parking.

  • Communication between drivers and Fleet Managers regarding parking/amenities at customer locations prior to load assignment.

  • Trucks that are desperately overdue for PM while OTR which causes delays or interferes with driver home-time.

  • Fleet Managers getting overridden by their superiors – causes for this.

  • How are weekly miles dictated by the current market conditions.

  • Driver expectations prior to coming aboard with GP Transco.

  • Does GP Transco still run to Canada?

  • Home travel after departure from GP Transco is currently being handled on a case-by-case basis – the professionalism of the driver will play a role in the decision made.

  • Frustrations on waiting for Maintenance while OTR – driver response time, after-hours delays, etc.

  • Our board members use the following platforms – All forms of social media with the top platforms being YouTube, TikTok, BitChute, Rumble, podcast feeds, etc.

  • Drivers will still be allowed to park their truck/equipment at while on home-time as long as it’s a safe location.

  • Every driver on our board is interested to become volunteers of the Reach platform - Reach, a modern SAAS based maintenance exchange.

  • After-hours service issues for drivers.

  • Insurance for personal items while in truck. (Wishlist)

  • Short hops - short runs. (Frustration)

  • Over 200 drivers are interested in a per-diem. (Wishlist)

  • Driver of the Month emails, drivers would like to see more information in the email blast and social posts; why was the driver chosen, driver stats, etc. Looking for a more overall personal feel than just cookie-cutter message that is sent every month. (Wishlist)

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