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We believe Safety is more than simply following Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. It is about continuing to build a culture in which everyone chooses to work and drive safely and are appropriately trained and recognized for doing so.

The Safety department is set up to build and foster a relationship with each driver as if we were a smaller carrier. This format allows each Safety Fleet Manager to have a fleet of 40-60 drivers, to get to know them, their habits, things to work on for improvement, and to establish a baseline to detect any potential clues when a driver is fatigued or otherwise not fit to drive safely. Each Safety Fleet Manager oversees all aspects of compliance and safety – including hours of service (HOS) compliance, qualifications, evaluating safety events triggered by our safety technology, assigning training and other disciplinary measures, and rewarding safe driving behaviors.


The GP Transco safety team manages the safety of over 520 professional CDL-A drivers.

As of Jun 6, 2022, GP Transco is above every single FMCSA safety threshold.

Our Safety Managers are certified through the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI).

We proudly work with Samsara as our official partner for ELD and hours of service management; this provides our safety team with cutting-edge, real-time technology, and maximizes overall safety and DOT compliance.

Our ongoing risk assessment tool was created to continually assess different risk factors in our drivers’ performance. These include driving history records, preventable accidents, and concerning safety events such as following too close, speeding, distracted driving, and other variables. Our risk management tool is updated every day for each driver to ensure concerns are addressed immediately. This data-driven approach allows us to prevent numerous safety-related issues from taking place and gives us an overall proactive approach to our operations.



We are highly selective when it comes to hiring office staff and professional truck drivers. In fact, as of June 2022, the average experience of our drivers is over 13 years.


Just as we have elevated expectations for our drivers, our staff is also held to an extremely high standard. Performance evaluations are performed quarterly to provide feedback and to provide a forum for open communications regarding the employee's level of performance and progress and to ensure the exacting standards are maintained.


We continually work with our staff to improve their skills and qualifications. Training and skill development budgets are allocated for each employee to be used to improve in general or specific skills as they pertain to their position. Our modern management style and the outstanding reputation we have earned in the industry over the years allows us to hire highly talented individuals who otherwise may have not considered the transportation industry.

Our diverse and talented team enjoy outstanding benefits, highly competitive compensation, a state-of-the-art headquarters, and a modern work environment, which allow the team to concentrate on doing their absolute best work.


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