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Which Fatal Mistakes Do Many Truck Drivers Make When Speaking To A Recruiter?

Updated: Jul 26

Trucking Companies

Truck driving recruiters are a valuable resource for anyone considering a career as a truck driver with one of the best paying trucking companies. But far too many new drivers equate their professionalism with the company’s quality, which is far from the truth. So there’s no point if you're going into it blindly!

It's essential to know what type of job you want before applying for truck-driving positions. A CDL license is required, and it may be worth getting some experience under your belt as well as driving different vehicles.

What Do Recruiters Represent?

One of the most critical jobs in any industry is that of a recruiter. They "sell" the company, just like sales people might do with the products and services they offer. The recruiters work on a commission basis to win new drivers who come into contact with them. So, the primary objective often involves making you want what they have by pitching their product (or service) hard enough until eventually winning you over.

Every business needs to promote its services and products. By paying the recruiter a commission, businesses stimulate the recruiters to work for their advantage. The new employees are a valuable resource to a company and recruiters may address the necessity of the company rather than work to benefit a candidate.

How A Recruiter Benefits You As A Candidate?

A recruiter will help you understand the best reasons for working with that company. Every organization has its perks, which are unique compared to other places of employment - this includes both benefits and drawbacks. One way is to ask if some specific areas where these workplaces have the edge over others. Make sure that these things stand out when first speaking because it's imperative how good each potential offer sounds on paper and in reality.

Often you will learn about perks or benefits by speaking with a recruiter. For example, a particular company might sound like the right fit for your career goals until something better comes along.

There are several factors when considering choosing the company for the best paying trucking companies. For example, suppose you are considering a company that lets you drive after hours for more hands-on experience and training with their equipment. This way, aspiring drivers will become more experienced drivers and proficient at handling different vehicles.

How To Interpret The Recruiter When Considering The Company?

Just like any profession, a few recruiters are great at what they do. The true professionals know how to sell their company and will call you back immediately if there is an opening in their firm. They're always enthusiastic when speaking of the quality offered by the organization.

A recruiter can make you feel if your company cares about you or not. They're only interested in what they get out of you, and it's not about making an informed decision with how best to serve their clientele because no one will take responsibility if something goes wrong on either side. The right way is getting someone who knows all this stuff inside-out: somebody qualified, personable, and most importantly, understanding just where you need help from them. These are a few tells that can help you assess the recruiter's views.

If you're looking for a new career in trucking, your first impression of potential employers must be positive.

Bottom Line

Do not mistake thinking that a company's quality can only be seen in their recruiter. You should know everything about why you want to join the company, but don't just rely on what they say, do your research.

The truck drivers who make these mistakes- and many of them do- miss some great opportunities to work in one of the best paying trucking companies. Recruiters represent a company's interests, but they also want to find the best person for the job.

Now is the time to be treated like professionals. Become a truck driver with GP Transco, and you'll get 60cpm base pay, plus full benefits, including health care coverage that's available through your job in addition to retirement funds at an enticing 5% match! Plus, all miles are paid address-to additional incentives for longer trips - so what are you waiting for? Apply today!

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