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How Trucking Technology Shapes the Industry and How Drivers Can Stay Updated

Updated: Jun 17

How Trucking Technology Shapes the Industry and How Drivers Can Stay Updated

The logistics industry is no stranger to evolution. With so much new trucking technology on the market, it is more essential than ever that companies update how they manage their fleet.

In addition, drivers must have a more robust understanding of this technology for truck drivers. This gives fleet members the resources and knowledge to complete their tasks more safely and expediently than ever before.

Today, GP Transco will dive into how the latest trucking technology shapes the industry. You will learn more about the latest advancements in trucking, including smart trucking solutions, discover the benefits of advanced technology and even dig deeper into how drivers themselves can stay up-to-date with evolving technology.

Latest Trends in Trucking Technology

There are several trucking technology trends that folks in the logistics industry should know about. Some of the most prevalent trucking technology advancements include telematics and autonomous vehicles.

Let’s walk through these smart trucking solutions and dive deeper into what they mean for truck drivers and logistics companies alike.

First, what are telematics? Telematics involves using technology to remotely monitor and manage vehicles within your fleet.

This includes gathering data on vehicle location and information regarding fuel consumption, maintenance needs and safety. The intention is for your fleet to run more smoothly than ever.

Next up in the world of trucking technology is autonomous vehicles. These refer to self-driving vehicles that use sensors, AI and machine learning to operate without a human being manually driving them.

There’s one major commonality with the implementation of these technologies and beyond. They’re intended to make operations run smoother and safer. Both of these advancements in trucking are strides in that direction.

Smart Trucking Solutions

Telematics is gaining momentum for several reasons. First, it enables your team to enhance operational efficiency.

Logistics companies are also interested in using telematics because it offers the opportunity to cut costs. More importantly, you’ll gain a ton of information on driver behavior, the route that’s the best fit, and even vehicle performance.

The real benefit of telematics, however, is the potential for creating a safer driver experience, as companies can use telematics to monitor driver actions and road conditions outside the vehicle.

Logistics companies are also encouraged to utilize autonomous trucking technology, which has the potential to create a safer environment for drivers. For instance, when long-haul drivers have to stay on the road for countless hours, autonomous trucking technology can potentially help alleviate concerns about exhaustion behind the wheel—all while ensuring that clients get their goods on time.

Another excellent example of a smart trucking solution is solar panels on trucks. This is beneficial for a myriad of reasons. First, using solar panels to power vehicles helps reduce carbon footprint, reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted from a logistics company fleet.

There are also operational reasons that solar panels are a good fit. For starters, solar panels allow a truck to maintain its battery charge for longer, which is appealing.

Finally, solar panels can be a cost-saving measure for trucking companies. While adding solar panels to a fleet of vehicles does have an initial price tag, it can ultimately save you money in the long term.

Benefits of Advanced Technology

You might wonder if utilizing advanced technology is beneficial or if it’s just another change to acclimate with. However, new technology is the future of the trucking industry.

It’s essential for logistics companies to evolve as trucking technology does, too. Here are some benefits you will enjoy when implementing innovative trucking technology.

First, a significant benefit is improved fuel efficiency, which results in cost savings. Fuel efficiency is a major perk because it results in less spending for the company. More importantly, with trucks powered by solar power, your company will reduce its carbon footprint, which is invaluable to the environment.

Next, another major reason to implement advanced technology is that emerging tech trends in trucking offer advanced safety features. Safety is a top priority for logistics companies and drivers alike, so any technology that reduces the likelihood of accidents is worth implementing.

The final reason implementing advanced technology is necessary is that logistics organizations can benefit from better fleet management and tracking capabilities.

How Drivers Can Stay Updated With Technology

It’s essential for logistics companies to stay up-to-date with technology, but what about drivers themselves? The good news is that it is not too difficult for drivers within the industry to stay current with emerging trucking technology. Here are some suggestions to help truck drivers keep up with technology as it evolves.

The best resource for continuous learning is connecting with other industry experts. This can mean connecting in person or virtually and forming a community within the logistics industry to digest and discuss ongoing changes.

Another way to continue to learn more about technology as it evolves is through resources such as newsletters and trade publications. Trade publications offer a wealth of knowledge and provide timely updates that help ensure you’re doing your job to the best of your ability.

Ultimately, the success and longevity of your career really depend on your ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Training in technology for truck drivers is critical to mastering to ensure that you are an asset to whatever team you are on, regardless of what technology is being used.

Continuous Learning Resources

The best way to put yourself in a position to succeed is to commit to continuous learning. For instance, you may want to take a course on telematics or educate yourself on what autonomous vehicles do.

Some of the best trade publications include American Trucker, Commercial Carrier Journal and Freight Waves. You should start there if you want to educate yourself on trucking tech. You can also always check out GP Transco’s blog for timely updates regarding trucking technology.

Finally, don’t miss out on networking opportunities. You can connect virtually with other drivers or set up in-person conversations when possible. This enables you to build a support system and community to discuss incoming changes.

GP Transco’s Technological Edge

GP Transco is committed to using advanced technology because the company truly believes that the future of trucking involves leveraging these practices. Drivers will enjoy advanced geofencing, smart map overlaps and real-time GPS tracking. There is also the implantation of safety machine learning to help guarantee that drivers are up-to-par with safety expectations.

By adopting new trucking technology in a timely manner, GP Transco has positioned itself to adapt to the changing world of logistics. This has been done while better-protecting drivers and ensuring that products are delivered in a timely manner.

Because of this, freight shipping solutions have never been more efficient.

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