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Is Being a Team Driver Right For You? The Ultimate Pros & Cons

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

team company drivers

If you love the idea of long stretches without any company, then team-driving may be for you. Team truck drivers work together and split up their driving to carry more loads without constantly being alone at the wheel. However, some people take up this career path simply because it's what is available versus others who would instead work solo or on your terms - which match yours better?

Get to know the ultimate pros and cons of being one of the team company drivers and decide whether this career choice is the right one for you or not.

What Is A Team Driver?

Team drivers are two professional truckers who work together. They share the responsibility of driving, with one sleeping while their partner takes over for them during repairs or long hauls. This is an incredible opportunity to get more hours under your belt without putting yourself at risk! Team driving gives new drivers who may not have as many hours under their belt yet an opportunity to build up skills for when they're sole proprietors later down the road.

Reasons To Choose Being A Team Company Drivers

1. You Don't Want To Work Alone

Truck driving is a lonely profession, but being part of the team means you'll never be alone on the road. Your fellow trucker will always have stories to tell and help navigate through difficult areas when out for days at a time!

2. You Want To Make Faster Deliveries

The best way to get jobs done fast is by teaming up when one driver sleeps while the other drives. They can cover twice as much ground and deliver products quicker than driving alone! You can cover longer hauls in half the time when you team up and add miles faster to your experience.

Pros Of Being A Team Company Drivers

1. More Transportation

Being a team driver is the best way to ensure that you get your goods delivered as soon as possible. You can always depend on the team to keep going. The transportation market has always been an excellent place for company team drivers, as they can make more money and drive longer distances than others in your position might be able to without rest days or breaks from driving at all! One driver will sleep while another continues with transporting goods.

2. Improved Physical And Mental Health

Truck driving is an adventure that includes long distances and lonely nights. The depression often experienced by single drivers can be worse when they are away from home, but team jobs provide the company of another person to keep you upbeat during your commute. This over-road trip will feel like a great trip if the company team drivers take pictures along their journey, make necessary stops, and stretch regularly!

3. More Money

Team truck drivers earn more per mile than solo truck drivers. This is because a team company driver takes less time than a solo truck driver to cover the same distance. Mostly, businesses are ready to pay more for faster deliveries. Also, these days the demand for faster deliveries is higher. So team truck drivers will have more offers and work than solo drivers.

Cons Of Being A Team Company Drivers

1. Getting Along May Be Challenging

Working with someone can be stressful and overwhelming. You'll have to put your differences aside, learn to let go and adjust as well. Sometimes arguments may happen as well. If you get paired up with somebody who is not cooperative, the whole trip can be a disaster.

2. Trust Issues

It is important to find a proper partner if you want a smooth journey. Without complete trust, taking team driving jobs becomes risky. It can be wearing on your nerves because there will always be an element of worry when working with others in such proximity as part-owners or drivers for hire. It's nice having someone reliable around who can take care of everything while we enjoy our trip without worrying about anything - including crashing into other vehicles along the route.

3. Shifting Trough the Sleeping Hours Can Be Difficult

A person's sleep is the most powerful and important thing they do. If you have a habit of waking up during the night or having trouble getting back to sleep after initially sleeping soundly for hours on end, then driving a truck in shifts may not be right for your needs as well. Other factors can influence how much restful our slumbering gets: Things like temperature changes will affect your psychical health if left unchecked over time!


If the cons of being team company drivers are something you can ignore, then this job is perfect for you.

GP Transco is known to be one of the best companies for team drivers. Not only do they provide an excellent work environment and professional partners, but you also get paid what matters!

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