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Frequently Asked Questions About Regional Trucking Jobs: Answered!

Updated: Jul 26

What are regional truck driving jobs? Regional trucking jobs are usually the perfect job for people who live in mid-sized towns or smaller cities. This is because drivers will most likely need to relocate every week, and they don't have to work on weekends.

There are no formal training programs for this type of position—you have to have a CDL license and be 21 years old. Keep reading if you're interested in finding out more about midwest regional trucking jobs!

What Is Considered Regional In Trucking?

Midwest regional trucking jobs are often 11 hours, Monday-Friday. They start in the early morning and can last until midafternoon or evening—around three to four days a week. The destinations are typically smaller towns with populations between 2000 and 6000 people.

Regional trucking has become quite popular in recent years because taking your rig across state lines creates new opportunities. You get to travel where no one else does, discovering brand-new landscapes through different towns every day. This might be perfect for you if you love traveling but still stay close to home.

What Is The Difference Between Dedicated And Regional Trucking?

Regional drivers operate in a specific area, such as the Northeast or Midwest; they follow different regular routes each time to ensure no repetition.

On the other hand, dedicated truck drivers travel on set routes with unique stops at carefully chosen locations (known as "terminals") where their loads can be changed if necessary - this means less effort from you!)

Regional Truck Drivers Are Offered:

  • 1 to 2 nights at home per week, depending on scheduling and what loads they are running.

  • Driving areas close to their homes (about a day's drive away).

  • More miles due to fewer wait times with pickup and delivery.

  • More sightseeing as they get loads from various locations and customers throughout the region.

Dedicated Drivers Are Offered:

  • Route familiarity, as drivers will often be running the same loads and on the routes every day.

  • Consistency with their schedule and paycheck.

  • Potentially more loads due to the increase in load efficiency due to route familiarity.

How Much Do Regional Truck Drivers Make?

Midwest regional trucking jobs vary widely across states, typically starting at $28K and increasing to $65-66k. The national average is about $43k a year!

Few things that will impact the salary of a regional truck driver are:

  1. Experience: You can get promotions and bonuses just by driving for a few years. This will ultimately mean that you earn more money through them!

  2. Mileage: You make according to the miles you cover. So if you drive more, you'll make more.

  3. Education and Licensing: Typically, those with a CDL license and more education will make more money. You'll be qualified for higher-paying jobs if you add endorsements to your license.

  4. Location: A regional truck driver's salary varies widely across states. Some states will pay more than others.

  5. Bonuses: A regional truck driver can earn bonuses by qualifying for additional benefits for driving for a certain amount of time.

Why Choose Regional Trucking?

Midwest regional trucking jobs appeal to them because they often provide drivers with more home time than a typical OTR or long-haul job. It's not unusual for these types of positions to allow you the chance at some peace during your off-hours, when it may seem like all others have abandoned ship! The shorter trips mean less driving, making life much smoother on those long stretches between refueling points; plus, there are fewer things throwing obstacles into our otherwise relaxing journeys through America.

Truck drivers have a lot of opportunities for self-improvement when it comes to their job. They make close connections with customers and people along the routes. Still, many midwest regional trucking jobs also provide them more time on task because they are servicing similar clients or visiting certain businesses in one area over again. This means that you will get better acquainted not just about traffic patterns during your route (a must) but hours as well!


If you are someone who enjoys driving on new roads, visiting a different place, and still being able to stay close to home, midwest regional trucking jobs will be a perfect fit for you.

We are always looking for professional and skilled drivers to join our team as regional drivers. At GP Transco, you’ll get a healthy work environment along with great pay and fantastic team members.

Join the team today!

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