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Make More Money with the Best Solo Trucking Company

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Solo Company Driver

There are many positives, including more income that comes with the best solo company driver job. The biggest one is job security, and you have the power to dictate your career path in this line of work.

There are hardly too many restrictions holding you back from quitting without any consequences. Besides, the pay is decent with other health insurance benefits, freedom, and unlimited opportunities, making it unlikely to quit your job.

The internet has changed how you can find incredible career job opportunities. Now, with only a few clicks and some proofing in your desired position. At companies like GP Transco, you get the benefit of being treated like a professional! They offer the possibility to earn from $75K to $90K a year and a 6-month raise policy.

5 Things You Need To Follow To Improve Your Earning

1. Look For The Right Trucking Company

It's no secret that different trucking companies will pay their drivers higher wages than the competition if your history has been clean, you have plenty of options.

A prospective employee can learn about the pay and benefits of a company by speaking with its recruiter. However, many miscommunications happen between recruiters and those they hire. Therefore, it is vital to do some research before signing on as an independent contractor for this type of job.

You can’t afford to be picky just because you got your CDL license for your first trucking job. Make sure that the company treats its employees well and has a positive work environment, or else there's no reason why they should offer jobs with better benefits than what their competitors do.

2. Increase Experience & Improve Your Endorsements

It's not just about the money. It is essential to know you are worth it and show employers what you can do, even if that means working hard or going back for more training.

There are many ways people think they could get into trucking, but there isn't one right way to do so. Each company will have specific requirements. You'll want skills like driving safely with heavy equipment and having an excellent safety record, and offering value when transporting cargo across country distances.

Solo OTR truck drivers make around $45,000 in their first year. After that, however, you can gain more experience and get assigned to a challenging route by an experienced driver across state lines and earn up to $88,000.

3. More Technical Routes = To More Cash

Ice road truckers can make up to $250,000 in just 3-4 months of work. They are paid so much because their routes are technical and demanding, requiring excellent driving skills. In addition, trucks struggle when attempting a turn at high speeds.

Similarly, solo company drivers have a chance at more earning potential with more expertise in technical aspects.

If you're looking for a high-paying route, the best and fastest way to get it is by joining an independent trucking company. However, with these types of businesses, many risks require drivers who can be dedicated to their jobs with at least five years of clean driving records to get hired and stay on as part owner or employee once they start working.

4. Identify A Trusted Partner & Join The Team

In the trucking industry, drivers have some of the highest earning potentials. The average salary is about $80K, with the bottom 25 percentile making less than $70k, which shows just how good an opportunity this job can be.

Companies are looking to hire team drivers because they can take loads over long routes. Plus, not many teams out there will do what it takes for an income on demand. So the combination of high demand and low supply in this industry means you'll get paid more if the company needs a reliable driver.

Finding the right company to be partners with is crucial for becoming a successful team driver.

Start Your Career Today With GP Transco

If you like a high base salary, job security, and the ability to have your career path, try to land the best solo company driver job. It is an excellent choice of profession. In addition, working hard every day without wavering from this goal in mind will help increase annual earnings significantly over time.

GP Transco is a company that listens to its drivers and goes out of the way for them. We want people to feel respected, heard and that they are happy with their careers.

Maintaining an excellent fleet made up of only highly qualified employees is crucial to a company's success. Being a part of such a team can also help you further your career.

Get hired as a solo driver at GPTransco today!

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