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Shipments don't just travel across the roads. They may also take rail or boat for some of the trip. Here at GP Transco, we offer intermodal transportation services to manufacturers, distributors and other companies. We manage the logistical strategies to ensure a driver and vehicle are ready at the specified location to pick up or drop off the intermodal container. If you are having difficulties due to high supply chain demands and need a trusted trucking company to handle your shipments, GP Transco can manage the job.

GP Transco's Intermodal Services

As an intermodal trucking company since 2006, our dedicated staff and experienced drivers understand how it can be difficult for companies to coordinate intermodal freight travel. You need to perfectly time when shipments move from truck to rail, boat to truck, and other transportation methods. You don't want shipments sitting on boats, in truck trailers or on trains for extended periods of time.

Our intermodal logistics services are designed to efficiently move and transport shipping carriers from drayage, rail and trucking options. With our smart routing capabilities, trucking technologies and nationwide carrier network, we hold a 99% on-time delivery rate.

GP Transco's intermodal shipping technologies include truck location transparency so we know exactly where every vehicle in our 500+ fleet is located. We perform optimal time-saving route planning to ensure the smoothest and fastest trip for your intermodal containers.

Once your container is on our trailer, we can transport it anywhere in the contiguous U.S. and Canada. Whether it is headed to its first destination to take another mode of transportation, or we have picked it up from the rail or boat for the last mile of transportation service, our trusted drivers will get the work completed based on your deadlines.

We are available for one-time shipments or ongoing trucking contracts. We handle emergency freight, just-in-time shipments, specialized freight and standard intermodal freight shipping between warehouses, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other companies.

Intermodal Trucking for Your Industry

Our intermodal logistical strategies, transportation technologies and high standards can accommodate companies in various industries. We manage trailers and intermodal containers for companies in the frozen and refrigerated food segment, nonperishable food and beverages, consumer goods, electronics, heavy machinery that doesn't require flatbed transportation, manufactured products and other industries.

A trucking solutions provider should make intermodal transportation a stress-free and safe mode of transportation for every customer. Here at GP Transco, we form solid partnerships for companies that require innovative logistical trucking services to move their containers to and from other modes of transportation. Our trusted carrier network makes it a straightforward process from start to finish. For more information about intermodal trucking services or to receive a quote, contact our company today.



We deliver outstanding freight shipping services to our clients through supply chain expertise, state-of-the-art technologies, and a trusted, nation-wide carrier network.