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Here's what our professional truck drivers have to say.


Professional truck drivers are the ones who make delivering freight to thousands of customers possible. With an average experience of over 13 years, our drivers are highly qualified to work in a challenging industry, providing outstanding service and doing so in a safe and highly professional manner.


We love talking to our drivers and took the opportunity to capture some of their thoughts about the industry on video - we hope that you enjoy their takes.

Driver Highlight Alex.png

Alex The Trucking Guy

"I am a very determined person. Like if I have a dream, I don't care what's in my way, I don't care how much pain I have to go through, I don't care... I will get it done."


Julian Jones

"I think communication is big in a company, without communication you find yourself alone."

Driver Highlight Page.png

Nicholas Larson

"Falling in love with the road is actually what made me get into trucking. I already love it, might as well get paid to do it."

MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

Justine Downie

"I hate to say it, but maybe I had that cowboy-itis in the beginning where you think you're the best there ever was."


Tim Romines

"I look straight ahead, because that's where everything is going to happen"


Joshua Almond

"It's like when I'm in that survival mode out in the truck..."


Alexis Short

"Trucking was definitely a challenge in the beginning… I started driving as a team with my husband"


Frank Magowan

"The amount of money I made just in the year I've been here it's the most money I've made in a single year anywhere, any job I've ever had."


Christopher Cornelius

“My favorite aspect is the traveling… you did road trips for free, right? That’s how trucking is"


Jacob Smith

“I was tired of my dead-end job... And I just really enjoy driving.”


Edward Plow

"I wanted to be happy... I wanted to be a driver."

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