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We meet with our driver advisory board on a quarterly basis to learn where we can improve as a company.


The GP Transco driver advisory board is a place for us to learn from those who make it possible for us to provide outstanding service to our customers - our drivers. The board consists of some of our most professional, knowledgable, and enthusiastic drivers with whom we go over our challenges, policies, changes, future improvements, and more, on a quarterly basis. Each day-long board meeting provides us with highly valuable information which helps us make our drivers' work safer, more efficient, and more pleasant. Learn about the latest advisory board meeting below. Our driver board members then help disseminate the information discussed to the rest of our fleet.

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Next Meeting

Spring 2023


Topics discussed:

  • Company history – how we got to where we are today

  • Presentation on the current state of the industry and economy

  • CoPilot VS. Garmin

  • Smart Truck 2 Application

  • Re-routing & driver device use

  • Ratings for destinations and customer locations by drivers

  • Lack of signage at shipper/receiver locations and how to handle it

  • Whether dispatchers are providing the relevant route/appointment information

  • Creation of profiles for pickup/delivery locations, overnight parking, entrances, etc.

  • Ram mounts vs. adhesive

  • Discussion of GP Transco driver turnover – causes, solutions, etc.

  • Trailer selections in Samsara for DVIR

  • Breakdown pay discussion, FMCSA compliance discussion

  • Discussing setting clear expectations during driver recruiting/onboarding process

  • Orientation improvement discussion – hotel, transportation, truck assignment, relevant information for new drivers, etc.

  • Discussed the possibility of per diem pay – implementation in progress

  • Discussed fueling and parking changes

  • Conversation about calls from brokers

  • Discussed a re-vamped fuel efficiency bonus program – implementation in progress

  • Hometime discussion

  • YouTube sponsorship/marketing conversation

  • Discussed better driver mattresses

  • Tire socks vs tire chains

  • Do drivers prefer to communicate via video calls or phone calls?

  • Discussion about better communication with all drivers fleet-wide - new program (Voice GP Transco) implementation in progress

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