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Here's what we've been up to all year.


Fleet Operations

  • Successful Operations Planner Tool development and usage.

  • Completely re-did our training program for fleet managers and driver coordinators.

  • Set a new operations team in our Colombia office.

  • Set up a Quality Assurance Department for fleet operations - to help assure constant re-training and streamlining of operational processes within multiple offices and teams. 

  • Successful development of business intelligence – Microsoft Power BI. 

  • Automated detention process and management was implemented. 

  • The creation of the senior fleet manager role to support other team members when needed. 

  • Restructured operations involvement in orientation/hiring processes.  

  • Capacity department development (team of 10 in December and achieved a set goal of 70% shipment coverage by end of 2022). 

  • Increased contracted revenue significantly.

  • Multiple live meetings with our strategic customers at the HQ and at customer locations.  

  • Quarterly customer communication template created and used to communicate quarterly results with contracted customers. 

  • Account management team staffing growth to 3 account managers. 

  • Account coordinator team structure changes and promotions.  

  • Customer account training manual created.  

  • All contracted accounts are aligned with an account coordinator for customer service function.

  • Ongoing cross-training project for our account coordinator team helps streamline internal processes to manage workload and time off coverage.  


Fleet Safety

  • Upgraded all Samsara cameras to the most advanced equipment available.

  • Introduced in-cab voice alerts, which provides real-time feedback to drivers indicating they need to reduce their speed.

  • Implemented and introduced Luma Learning to replace Carrier’s Edge.

  • 19% reduction in total accidents/incidents in 2022 vs 2021.

    • 39% reduction in accidents with injuries year over year.

  • Worked with IT to improve weather maps in OpenRoad TMS.

  • Improvement in SMS (Safety Measurement System) scores from FMCSA.  We are under the threshold in all 7 categories.

    • ISS (Inspection Selection System) rating is “Pass”, indicating most scale operators to allow our trucks to pass through and to inspect a carrier with a safety score that needs improvement.

      • The 3 ratings are:

        • Pass

        • Optional

        • Inspect

  • All inspections, permits, taxes, and other statutory requirements completed.

  • We have investing in and grown our safety team in Colombia, and provided in-person training for extended timeframe to ensure successful on-boarding.

  • Began using Microsoft Power BI in 2022, allowing new insights into key metrics.

  • Overhauled the safety portion of orientation from road tests to the safety presentation.


Fleet Maintenance

  • Implemented TMT Fleet Maintenance Software, giving us much more visibility into breakdown trends, efficiencies, parts purchasing, and vendor data.

  • We have been added to several major vendors as National Accounts, which gives us more favorable pricing and the ability to dispute transactions in a streamlined manner.

  • Added 3 new online portals which dramatically improve response time and help to limit downtime:

    • Love’s Shop Connect

    • T/A E Shop

    • MyFleetAssist

  • The Breakdown team has gone international, with the addition of support in the Colombia office.

  • Our technician efficiencies have improved in our shop at HQ to regularly over 70% direct labor.

  • We are performing in-house warranty work on Freightliner, Hyundai, and Stemco.

  • Introduced a training program through Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA).

    • This is dealership level training that covers more than 250 subjects.

  • 83 trucks have been sold internally, with an additional 10 pending sale.

  • 70 trailers have been sold internally.

  • We have received 145 new trucks to our fleet in 2022.

  • Significant fuel economy improvement:

    • Over 15% increase in fuel efficiency fleet wide.


Software & IT

  • Significant but gradual growth of the IT Team: from 12 members in January to 22 now

  • Major projects accomplished: 

  • Load planner – a new OpenRoad TMS feature that allows for Fleet Managers to maintain their fleet more easily.

  • OpenRoad TMS security improved – multi factor authentication was introduced. Penetration test were performed and many security improvements followed. 

  • EDI integration was implemented with a number of OpenRoad TMS customers.

  • New ERP system SAGE was onboarded and integrated with OpenRoad TMS.

  • The detentions automation feature was completed. Customers and Fleet Managers are notified before detention begins, and when it ends. Detention data is saved and reflected for accounting colleagues in a convenient format. This saves time and improves the quality of data.

  • Driver dispatch & route planning project is nearly complete, with mass rollout planned for January 2023. This is a significant improvement which will allow our Fleet Managers and Drivers to select the most optimal way where drivers can follow a planned trip using CoPilot application in the mobile app.

  • Weather alerts system was implemented and introduced to OpenRoad TMS. This initiative started as IT internship project and evolved to become an important OpenRoad TMS feature which is unique – as far as we know, no other TMS product has this feature. The weather alerts module significantly improves our fleet safety, allowing for an online check of truck/fleet location against given weather alert areas, and notifies the driver.

  • IFTA automation for NY is completed, with other states in the works.

  • Data entry automation – this project started as internship initiative. It uses AWS OCR and will allow for a relatively easy way to automate load entry, which saves time for our Data Entry Team.

  • Split of loaded miles and payroll cutoff – project which will allow to split payrolls for the loads crossing the weekend. This project is still in-progress but will be completed in Q1 of 2023.

  • Created GP Transco Load Boards pilot version, integrating 3 separate load boards for our Operations Team to use when planning.

  • Other initiatives

    • Our new IT internship. Out of 70+ candidates we selected 9 interns, who were working on 3 projects (3 members per project). With the help of mentors from the OpenRoad TMS IT Team, all three teams showed great results. We invited 4 of them join IT Team as Junior Developers.

    • Vilnius Ruby Meetups – we started a Ruby developer community creation initiative and organized 2 meetups during 2022. For 2023 we plan to have them more often as we already see that the Ruby community is becoming more significant, and we have many volunteer speakers who wish to be part of it.

    • Collaboration with Vilnius Tech University started in terms of employing AI algorithms in OpenRoad TMS. 


HR & Recruiting

Human Resources:


  • Revised an Employee Handbook for all U.S. Staff.

  • Implemented PTO Tracking for all U.S. Office staff with Paylocity.

  • Appraisal Smart – Employee Performance Management and Appraisal process.

  • Companywide Employee Engagement Survey.

  • Manager training for team and IT leads internal and external.

  • Celebrated the Driver Appreciation Week with the team.

  • Orientation program:

    • Continuous improvement including revising the orientation twice this year to meet the business needs Employment Law Training for US Managers.

  • New benefits program for our Colombia office.

  • Focus group meetings across the Colombia office.

  • Enjoyed summer events in all our offices.

  • Had awesome holiday events in all our offices.

  • Quarterly department employee engagement funds available to leaders.




  • Expanded and trained new Recruiting Coordinator Team.

  • Seated ALL needed trucks (both new arrivals and turnover).

  • Hired and Onboarded General Manager in Colombia office.

  • Hired a new Administrative Manager in Colombia office.

  • Hired a Human Resource Manager in HQ.

  • Created new Retention Specialist roles in HQ.

  • Targeted training for our recruiters to increase their productivity which benefited the department as a whole.

  • Best December Driver Recruiting – month to date 42 with an additional 18 scheduled through the end of the year.  


Sales & Brokerage

  • Increased personnel headcount by 10.

  • 3 personnel promotions.

  • Created a dedicated capacity team to identify the best carriers to handle GTL’s consistent freight.

  • Created an internal structure to foster more efficient workflow and future internal growth.

  • Growth in both Revenue and Profit of over 40%.

  • Growth in volume by 33 loads per week.  

  • Added 97 relationship carrier partners with plans to maintain and improve service levels.

  • Moved with 26 new customers.

  • Created growth metrics and KPIs for Sales and Carrier Teams.

  • Developed tracking metrics for Customer Service Team.

  • Successfully migrated from Aljex to Turvo as an operating system.

  • Created online customer tenants to provide transparency: status and tracking of load from start to finish, as well as document retrieval.

  • Improved visibility on lane history and internal buying rate to successfully execute GTL’s mission.

  • Instituted a policy for more face-to-face visits with customers to get to know their business better and become true partners.

  • Created online access to load boards for relationship carriers to give a bigger picture of all the lanes we currently have available to help load more of their trucks.

  • Developed internal protocol for load execution to ensure we are not only covering the loads but with the best truck to service the load at a very high level.

  • Improved OTP to 80% from 67%.

  • Developed communication protocols for load updates to make sure we have fast, effective communication.


Finance & Accounting

  • Transitioned all company entities to a new financial system.

    • The new system is more robust and will allow us better insight into the financial results while being more efficient with our daily tasks.

  • Transitioned to a new operating system for our brokerage entity.

    • Setup new processes and controls to ensure integrity of accounting data.

    • Integrated new operating system into new accounting software.

  • Transitioned to a new operating system for our repair shop.

    • Setup new processes and controls to ensure integrity of accounting data.

    • Integrated new operating system into new accounting software.

  • Transitioned to new accounting firm.

    • New firm was better equipped to facilitate our growth.​

  • ​Began working on a driver per diem program, to be introduced in early 2023
  • Detention project with Sales & Operations.

  • Worked with IT to automate notifications to customers and cut down on lead time to process and collect detention revenues.

  • Partnered with IT and Operations to develop a policy around new customer setup and selection.

    • Put in new controls to ensure customers and loads are being properly evaluated for creditworthiness.

  • Reducing bad debt and eliminating inefficiencies.

  • Added 4 new accounting staff in our Colombia office.

  • Revised KPI report to have more focus on operational stats and business drivers that are actionable to move the business forward.

  • Promoted 2 staff within the team.

  • Working with IT and Operations on splitting driver miles and payroll cutoff.

  • Working with IT on Data Automation to expedite data transfer from operating systems to accounting systems.


Marketing & Public Relations

  • Created the Driver Advisory Board.

  • Received the Commercial Carrier Journal (CCJ) Innovator of the Month Award in April.

  • Added an in-house Videographer.

  • Created a company-wide informational intranet.

  • Created the Working With GP Transco customer packet.

  • Introduced the Annual Kickoff, company-wide.

  • Created the Driver Highlights series.

  • Developed the real-time owner-operator earnings calculator.

  • Generated over 26,000 driver leads.

  • Helped recruiting successfully seat all needed trucks.

  • Created a new official mission statement and core values.

  • Created the Feature Highlights series.

  • Completely re-designed and modernized

  • Helped raise over $2.5 million for war-torn Ukraine.

  • FreightWaves Named GP Transco "Best OTR Trucking Company for Competitive Pay and Benefits".

  • Received other multiple mentions from FreightWaves for being a great company for drivers.

  • Rolled out the “What Drives Us?” campaign.

  • Completed an exciting video project with Pilot Flying J.

  • Received the Transport Topics (ATA) Frontline Heroes Award.

  • Became a Best Fleets To Drive For, “Fleet to Watch”.

  • Introduced the GP Transco Freightliner Cascadia 3D walkthrough.

  • Introduced short reel content.

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